Instagram’s Effect on the Food Industry

Everyone enjoys looking at photos. They could be photos of wildlife or nature or photos of family and friends, culinary experiences or photos of events that are fun that people enjoy being a part of the lives of others through these photos. It has also included the enjoyment of looking at an amazing meal  ดูวิดีโอโป๊ฟรีthat another foodie was able to take a seat and take in  In the last couple of months, I’ve noticed the impact that Instagram has affected the food industry whether it’s home-cooked meals, dining out, or trying out new restaurants, the photos of people have proved to be an effective marketing instrument for food-related items. Sometimes, I’ve been forced to make a quick sprint to the kitchen cabinets in order to satisfy my hunger after seeing these delicious photos. Chefs who cook at their homes or have been to a particular restaurant can snap snappy pictures with their phones and upload them to social media sites such as Instagram for all the world to view. This could spark interest from another person in making that recipe, or visiting the restaurant, or it could just trigger that person’s craving for food.

I’ve been on Instagram for about a year and in the time I’ve really loved seeing the lives of my friends and family via photos as well as short video clips. But, in the time, one thing that struck me was how proud these food fans were of the food choices or meals they cooked. Food is a pastime or activity that will be an integral part of every person’s life , so isn’t it time to share some of your most loved recipes or culinary experiences with the world at large? Anyone with access to the internet can take pictures of their food or main meals or desserts, as well as extravagant drinks they enjoyed and upload to Instagram in a matter of seconds the delicious photo could be seen by thousands of followers on one of the biggest social media platforms around the globe. Additionally there are a variety of applications that can enhance the photos, or even dozens of filters that can create the food or beverage food item appear more appealing. Even the least appealing of foods can be transformed into something appealing with the latest innovations in technology.

Another great benefit of the use of Instagram for eating out is that the app is also compatible with an application called Foursquare that lets users post their exact location on a map to their followers. Users are able to “check-in” at certain food establishments, places of worship or other places to inform their followers of what they’re up to. Through this partnership I view Instagram as a unique marketing tool, not just because people who frequent restaurants and food-related experts can take attractive pictures of their food and drinks, but they are able to add a location to the photo, so that if others are interested in wanting to try the similar menu item, they will know where to go. Although Instagram isn’t considered to be one among the top types of media I would suggest the free app for any restaurant, chef or business owner looking to advertise a product or service.

In the last year, this photo-centric application has, at times, been an inspiration for me through witnessing others’ accomplishments. It has allowed me to be more involved with people’s lives I don’t see often and has given me a better understanding about certain local events or information about charities. For instance, I’ve been tempted to say things like “well I didn’t know they served that food there”, and “wow that healthy meal plan has really paid off for that person” or maybe perhaps “dang, I did not know that bar had that fun promotional there last weekend!” And by looking at photos of people’s experiences in these circumstances, it has led me to desire to try new things, become more involved, or perhaps not miss another similar occasion. What is going to be the impression that all who view these pictures? It’s not likely, but being a tool for free that everyone can use, why should businesses and groups not be interested in using Instagram to promote their business? It certainly wouldn’t hurt the company or organization in any way!

Instagram is a great tool to utilize for any small-sized business or non-profit organization that might not have the budget to invest lots of money for marketing. For instance, I started an online retail company that deals with food recently, which includes a blog, Facebook and Twitter pages as a fun marketing strategy, I set up an entirely separate Instagram account separate from my personal account, which was exclusively for the e-commerce business. It let me upload photos that were unique to my other websites as a means of engaging with my followers and customers. My website has increased in traffic and engagement as a result of it. Presently, I am showing photos of fancy dishes I’ve cooked or food items I were consumed will not necessarily bring in sales or earn me tons of money, but it does increase engagement for users across all my pages, and that’s something I would like for my business.

The options for promotional photos are limitless, which is why I strongly suggest including this option in your marketing strategy. Businesses like mine can upload photos of almost anything related to their company, including customers having fun enjoying their products, the reactions of people who have tried new food items, specials or discounts being given for a certain time period or simply pictures of the various products or menu items that owners and managers want to make more public. In my view, Instagram has not become as popular a advertising tool like Facebook and Twitter however I believe it will eventually get to this level, particularly with the ease with which users can connect their Instagram with the other major social media platforms. In the end, bars and restaurants can advertise their menus to customers at no cost so long as the hungry patrons were satisfied with their meal.

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