Instagram Latest Business Marketing Features

Instagram has released some fresh ideas for creative ways to make use of Instagram Stories advertisements. Today, it’s one of the most effective methods to generate traffic to your blogs or websites.

1. Don’t Use Banned Hashtags On The Post

Not all hashtags are to be equal. Utilizing one or more of the hashtags that Instagram has banned could result in a hefty fine and being ignorant isn’t an excuse.

Although some hashtags that are banned are fairly common sense and are in line with Instagram’s Terms of Service, some aren’t as obvious. According to the HuffPo list of banned hashtags, it includes #citycentre, #adulting and #eggplant. Study the hashtags you are using carefully, and ensure that they’re relevant to your target audience and don’t contain an obscure, urban dictionary or emoji that you did not know about… (Not the first time it’s ever occurred to me!) buy instagram followers cheap

2. Use A Third Party Posting App

Instagram has an API that is closed. It does not allow third-party apps to directly post to Instagram. It is possible to make use of a social media dashboard such as Agorapulse for managing your Instagram account, but the process is a more complex than it is for Facebook and Twitter.

The majority of legitimate social media management software works around this issue. For instance, you could login to the account of your Agorapulse account and plan the time for an Instagram post.

If the time is right you’ll get a message. Then, you can log in to the Agorapulse application, which will direct you to Instagram where you’ll be able to click publish. It is important to remember that you must be the one who hits publish.

However, while that’s the way we go about it There are other apps such as Schedugram which post directly to Instagram for users, using your user username and password to gain access to your account. This is a huge No-No in terms of Terms and Conditions. The extra hurdles can be a bit frustrating, but it will keep your account secure.

3. Don’t Post Too Much Content

Instagram prefers authentic, human-like posters, and all the rules and guidelines are designed to favor them over bots and spammers. While Twitter offers apps such as Social Quant that can automatically follow and unfollow a lot of users to increase your followers, Instagram frowns on that kind of behaviour. This is why they have an unofficial limit on activity in your account.

What are these numbers? Although Instagram hasn’t yet released its official numbers, Ana Gotter did some in deep study and came up with the following numbers:

Unfollowing and following more than 60 people per hour

More than 300 posts were liked in an hour.

More than 60 comments are posted per hour

4. Stay Away From The Robots

Look. In other situations I’ll be the first to highlight the possibility of bots automating your marketing processes, however, that’s not the point Instagram is about.

Bots that automatically comment and follow/unfollow users can be a tempting method to increase the number of followers on your account. You’ll be the type of person who uses them in a responsible manner isn’t it? However, if you go back to Rule 3, this kind of conduct will be noticeably criticized for all the wrong motives. Be respectful in your interactions

There aren’t any hard and quick rules on how to ensure that your Instagram posts are effective for you. There are only a handful of rules of thumbs, and I believe Neil Patel, author and internet entrepreneur, has nailed some of them within an essay.

However, I’ll keep it brief in case you don’t have the time to read through all of them by yourself. I’ll change the importance based on what I consider to be important for an Instagram post, without going over the top.

Invest in a Good Picture

It’s not necessary that every one of your posts needs to be ready for postcards – all you require is a few high-quality images that showcase your best products. There was once an online food delivery service that I was following on Twitter that made the most delicious food, but they had the least-lit images on Instagram. I considered it an opportunity wasted and asked them to tweak their photos a bit with filters prior to posting them. They did , and the pictures are still awe-inspiring since then!

Get Personal

Make sure you give your Instagram account an image that they can connect to, or share a behind-the-scenes photo. There’s a reason people search for BTS YouTube videos prior to watching the latest TV show or movie. Humans are naturally curious in this way. When they connect with you, they’re already hooked.

Be Funny, Be Quirky, Be In-the-Know, Be Cool or Any One of Those

If you’re not humorous, you should be unique. If you’re not able to be funny Be in the know. If you’re not in the know Be cool. Choose a niche. So that people will are able to remember you every time you look at the corner. They can see you through the corner of their eyes and are aware that it’s you. they’re eager to see you again. That’s branding.

Get an Influencer

When I was born, in the daytime and the time when it was acceptable to call someone an influencer. Your parents might have thought they were drug dealers. However, in today’s digital age this refers to someone with a huge number of followers on social media profiles. If you are able to pay one of these YouTubers or Instagrammers to promote your service or product that’s great. If not, you should find an affordable person to work with, at least within the same field, but not your competition. Do you really need to mention this? =) There’s an online list which shows those that have the International platform. If you’re local Don’t be afraid to bargain with them.

Use Instagram Ads

If you stick within your budget and make an eye-catching short clip Go for it. It’s not worth spending thousands on ads, but you should be. After you’ve divided the cost between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google and you’ll probably get an acceptable ROI. What you’re looking forward to at the end of the day, is seeing eyeballs.

Run Contests and Encourage Positive Engagement

Posts that are interesting or basic will awe the most seasoned of us. Many people will do their best to win a notebook, a pair of tickets for a theme park, an ounce of hand lotion or a holiday, as well as tickets to the airport or even grand piano. If it’s for free, not many people will be complaining. In addition, when compared with Facebook, Instagram’s got less regulations to adhere to… at least for the moment.

Use Hashtags

I don’t have enough to say about the ways that some users are using hashtags incorrectly. You don’t post a picture of your baby and use a hashtag like #AngieandBobsBabyisSoCute. 1.) There is no one else using this hashtag, so it’s an absolute wasted of your time (and space) 2.) You should use an hashtag that people are able to look up and already use; 3.) Look up similar posts to get ideas and use them to increase exposure. You could create your own unique hashtag and then promote it all over the world. That’s right, everywhere to ensure that your family, friends and followers can use the hashtag too. That’s the point of hashtags.

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