Hard Gun Cases Guide

 Hard Gun Cases Guide


If you are a firearms enthusiast, you probably have more than one gun in your home. Some people enjoy collecting antique or specialty weapons while others own guns for  .38 special ammo hunting or protection, in either situation hard gun cases can come in quite handy for protecting and storing your weapon. Here are a few tips for purchasing your next case.

Know Your Gun

Whether you simply enjoy a little target practice out on the range or are a serious wildlife hunter, you have probably had occasion to use a gun case. Guns are not exactly a cheap hobby and tossing your prized weapon in the trunk or under the seat for a trip to the range or woods is not the best way to maintain your investment. In fact, in some states it may be illegal though these laws can be vague at best.

When searching for the proper gun case you need to know a bit about the weapon, the length, thickness etc… whether your gun has a scope and such will alter the size of case you need. You can also choose between soft and hard gun cases, though the latter is the best for protection. A soft sling type case can protect the weapon from dirt and some moisture but it can still be damaged if it slides into another object in your vehicle or while you are walking to your deer stand.


Another big factor in the type of hard case you will purchase is your budget. These gun cases come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and materials. There are even a few cases with combination or fingerprint locks already installed. Determine how much you can afford to spend before researching potential cases.


How are you planning to carry your gun? Do you want to leave it together with scope and sling attached as in the case of a rifle, or do you have a weapon that you prefer to break down into its base parts? This will be key in finding hard gun cases to suit your needs. Of course, where you are carrying the gun will be an important consideration as well. Some of these cases are diamond plated steel, which means they are heavy! If you plan to walk a good distance with your gun, you might want to invest in lighter cases.



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