Have A Safe Pregnancy Delivery  

 Have A Safe Pregnancy Delivery


A woman counts each day of her pregnancy, eagerly waiting for the time when pregnancy delivery will take place. There are a total of 37 to 40 weeks of pregnancy. It is 250x Cream Chargers Delivery safe to have a pregnancy delivery, anytime between the 37th to the 42nd week. Delivery before this period can lead to problems for the health of the mother and the baby. Hence, the later the pregnancy labor, the better for mother and child, but it should not be later than 42 weeks.

Having A Proper Plan

Today, a pregnant woman is fully aware of the various choices she has to make before pregnancy delivery. She must clearly discuss them with her doctor. Whether she plans to have a natural labor or wants to use painkillers like an epidural, should be discussed in advance. Epidural is a local anesthetic, injected into the spinal cord during labor. It reduces the effect of labor pains but is known to cause long-term ill effects on the back. Therefore, the decision to take or not take the epidural is entirely the mother’s. She should also discuss what is to be done in certain unexpected situations. Therefore, a proper birth plan will enable the doctor and hospital staff to carry out things as closely as possible.

Each pregnancy delivery is distinct in its own way. The pattern of labor and final method of delivery depends on mainly two factors, i.e. physical and medical condition of the mother and position of the child inside the womb. For example, sometimes when the labor is extended into long hours, the condition of the baby is continuously monitored. The heart-beat rate and movements of the baby are checked periodically and any negative sign can call for immediate action, like a caesarean delivery. Therefore, a doctor cannot prefigure exactly what will happen at the time of delivery.

Labor can start a few days before or after the due date. Initially, the woman feels mild contractions in her abdomen, which gradually become sharper. This is the time when the natural process of the opening up of the cervix has started. The woman may be put on an IV during this time. Bursting of the water bag can sometimes take place before but this usually occurs after the labor pains start. The doctor checks her from time to time and waits until the cervix is fully dilated. She is then taken for pregnancy delivery. She is asked to push, which helps the baby to be delivered.




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