Vegan Recipes and Ideas for your Child’s Party

Kids are notoriously picky eaters. This is perfectly normal, can be a nuisance when your child’s birthday roles around and you have to put food together for 15 picky eaters. Compound this with the issue that you and your child are vegan, and you’ve got yourself a seriously restricted menu – and you have to cook for all the guests that are used to dairy and meat products. Not to worry, though. There are plenty of vegan snack foods that will satiate anyone’s palate – vegan or not.25 Fast & Easy Dinner Ideas to Try Now – A Couple Cooks

The first thing to remember is that you’re cooking for children e2m diet. If you’re going to have a room full of parents accompany the children, they should be content with eating the same food as the children do. So, don’t stress yourself out by cooking two massive, separate meals – one for parents, one for kids – and just stick to a single menu.

Also, keep the party short. 2 or 3 hours is more than enough for kids to run their fuel tanks down to empty, and the parents tend to follow suit. Also plan the party for mid-morning or mid-afternoon, so that you’re not expected to provide an entire meal for everybody, but rather light snacks and beverages.

Children – especially young children – enjoy a variety of snack foods, rather than one big entrée. Being able to select what they want not only ensure they are getting the food that their body needs, but gives them a sense of empowerment in making their own decisions. Young children tend to eat in bulk anyways – they’ll eat an entire avocado for one meal, and only plain pasta for the next. Making a variety of foods and putting them out for kids to build their own plates with is the best way to go. In today’s world, obesity and weight problems have become epidemic in many countries. Due to the augmentation of work and stress, and the lack of free time, people have started to rely more and more on “junk food”. Everybody has their own excuse to avoid cooking good foods at home. But the truth is that healthy recipes are at everybody’s hand. There are many different foods that are good for your body that you might not even know of!

So to show you how easily you can eat better, here is an idea of something you could make for breakfast. No more greasy, less then acceptable, on the go fast food. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, is it essential that you eat well, to feed your body and your brain the energy it will might to make it through the day.

So for your next breakfast, try this: 30g of whole grain cereals and 175g of yogurt mixed together, with 125ml of orange juice on the side. You don’t like orange juice? Not a problem! You can substitute for your choice of vegetable of fruit juice, as long as it is 100% pure. You can also add as many fresh fruits as you want to your breakfast. Now that is a quick and nutritious morning!

Then you get to lunch, and you are stuck again, not knowing what to eat, tempted by the restaurant around the corner… Well the solution is right here. Here is a simple idea of healthy foods you can mix together for lunch.

Blend together some tuna, fat free mayonnaise and some shredded cheese or your choice to make your own tuna spread. See? It is as simple as that! These healthy recipes are just an example of what you could eat. If for any reason you do not like what is suggested in those, here is a simple tip to remind you of what consists of a healthy meal. You should pick 3 food groups for a healthy breakfast, and 4 for lunch.

Now you get to dinner, and things get even more complicated. Most of you have families, and you need to please them as well. So why not try your hand at a stir fry. It contains all the ingredients you should have in a healthy meal, and you are always free to substitute the meat for fish or veggie meat if you are a vegetarian.

For example: 1 lb of boneless chicken cut into strips, 1/4 cup of fat free Italian dressing, 2 cups of frozen of fresh mixed vegetable of your choice and 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce. Fry the chicken and dressing in a large skillet, add the veggies and soy sauce and fry for another 5 minutes. Dinner ready to eat for four! Have any leftovers? Why not make them the next day’s lunch and save yourself even more time!

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